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Paper kimonos.  "These paper kimonos are made using chiyogami, momigami, and washi, (Japanese Paper) featuring popular designs from the Edo period (1600-1868). Each Kimono presents the appearance of fabric but is actually beautiful patterned paper. 

 Karen [O’Hanlon] crafts these works of art by first making templates of varying sizes for each pattern piece of the kimono. Each kimono is made by laying eleven templates on the patterned paper. Karen then cuts, folds, glues, and layers the pattern paper with precision. Due to the delicacy of the patterned paper the same steps are repeated for the lining of the kimono. The kimono is made exactingly as an authentic cloth kimono.
Each work of art reflects the theme of Karen’s collection which is to enrich the world with the unique influences of traditional Japanese paper art and to re-introduce the ancient art of the kimono.”


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